Things I do, through someone else’s lens.

  • Video: Threes trio w/JB Ledoux and Greg Davis

    Videographer and design junkie Jay Blanchard is quickly becoming indispensable for documenting interesting music in my town. Here’s his footage from the Threes performance on May 1 at Light Club. Get your noise jazz right here. Hear Threes play live. Hear Threes play on cassette.

  • Waking Windows: the le duo

    My friend Jay has been making a bunch of videos of interesting music in Burlington. This video of the le duo performing among the beer vats of Four Quarters Brewing at Waking Windows 2017 is one of them. Thanks much to Quiltro for back lining this gig so I didn’t have to haul a bass […]

  • Threes in SevenDays Soundbites

    Bummed to hear about the breakup of the Snaz. But nice get a little ink (pixel?) in Seven Days re: Threes. the band seeks to provoke self-awareness in its listeners Read the soundbites

  • Take Magazine interview with Anne Decker

    Article in Take Magazine featuring TURNmusic founder Anne Decker. If the musicians in TURNmusic are open for just about anything, Decker feels that the audience is in a similarly receptive state. And the work of TURNmusic is, in part, about connecting with listeners, making the experience of hearing new music one that isn’t complicated by much […]

  • Take Magazine re: TURNMusic

    A nice note in Take Magazine for the April 2017 show with TURNMusic: TURNmusic is cutting-edge but respectively classical, and the combination has been riotously successful in drawing in a diverse audience of listeners.

  • Some thoughts in NewMusicBox

    I was asked to contribute some thoughts on new music, money, business, funding models etc by NewMusicBox, the blog of New Music USA. The kernel of what I wrote formed while taking the train back to New York from New Music Gathering Baltimore. I find it so important to engage in creative thinking wherever I […]