Burlington’s alt-weekly laid down a little ink for the AM Frequency series that runs in the wee hours.

I want to expand a little bit on the idea of a morning series and accessibility.

Certainly it’s novel and intriguing to have a show at an unorthodox time, the same doing so in an unorthodox venue (think Bach in a bar). But what these time/place displacements really add to society is to make this culture more accessible.

There are many people who can’t or don’t make it to evening shows. There are lots of reasons for this: kids and family duties, not wanting to hang out in places that are primarily about consuming alcohol, second and third work shifts, being tired after a day of work, and so on. By having the majority of our culture presented only in the hours between 6pm and midnight, the things we make are not available to people who have more possibilities in the morning.

When we think about accessibility there are many angles to consider and to work with. Yes it’s hard to get up in the morning for some people. But for others it’s hard to stay out late. If we can, it’s worth trying to reach more people with different times and places. That’s a big part of what the AM Frequency series is about.