A Community of Sound

My greatest hope is that you hear the music I’m making and feel inspired to hear more of it, to make some of it, to see some of it live, and join this community of sound. Here’s how:

  1. Community of Sound mailing list delivers monthly, long format essays on experimental music, sound and the world, what we learn together by experiencing sound. If you give me a physical address you will occasionally receive something in the mail as well.
    * indicates required

  2. If you want me to perform in your town, drop me an email and we can set that up.
  3. You can follow sounds and music on the various platforms, in order of usefulness: Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud.

In addition, I am available on the socials (in order of responsiveness): Twitter, Instagram, The Book of Face.

Gahlord Dewald performing at New Music Gathering
Gahlord Dewald performing at New Music Gathering

Even if you don’t join this community of sound, I hope you find people wherever you are who are experimenting and creating new sounds and experiences. Wherever you are, they exist. Find them.

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