Sounds encapsulated in magnetism, across mechanical pathways, in ones, and in zeros. In these ways sounds expand beyond our physical presences in different times and different spaces.

Coherent Light Enclosed Without is an album of double bass free improvisation recorded inside The TANK Center for Sonic Arts. Details on Coherent Light Enclosed Without.

Solo Music Projects

Within the bass there are other sounds: spectral sounds sometimes hidden from you or then again revealed, signals traveling along strings and wires and then rippling in the air, stippling shadows of the fundamental bass.

New Sound for Double Bass is a music commissioning, performance, and recording endeavor to increase the available repertoire for the double bass. Details on New Sound for Double Bass.

Improvised Music is a creative practice for making meaning in the world as it exists, in the moment. One document of this work is the recording Upstairs at Vitek’s.

Soundfabric is a body of acousmatic works for electronics with emphasis on a textural and focus-state approach to sound. These works are contained in the ever-expanding recording New Function.

Music Projects with Other People

The sounds I make co-exist. They co-exist with other sound makers – dancing feet, musicians, recordings of some other place, construction machines, the traffic outside, the sounds of a bird or a dog or a small creature nearby.

Jaguar Stereo! is a duo with double bassist Gahlord Dewald and bass clarinetist/poet Toussaint St Negritude that incorporates the sound and poetry of freedom and liberation of the human spirit. Jaguar Stereo! performances and documentation.

The Yes & is a duo of Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti on viola, percussion, and voice along with Gahlord Dewald on modular electronics. Their albums are available on Bandcamp.

Fat Tiger is a duo of Gahlord Dewald and Eric Segalstad that explores the corners experimental dance music via electronics, electric instruments, and acoustic instruments. Their release Crosstalk is on Bandcamp.

Ariel Zevon collaborates with Gahlord Dewald to create sounds that place elements of song alongside experimental and improvisational approaches. A recording of her songs, undertaken in this spirit and augmented with percussion by Jeff Berlin, is available on Bandcamp.