My duo partner for The Yes &, Anne Lanzilotti, was interviewed by Creative Issue about our work:

It’s inspiring to have a great collaborator! Our process is fuelled by listening to each other and problem-solving in real time.

Since Gahlord [Dewald, the second member of the duo] and I live in different cities, much of our collaborative process is done sending each other work back and forth. We develop ideas, and then when we can rehearse in the same place we are able to jam and try those ideas out, or try new things that we can record and start the process over again. We have such different approaches to music, but we have a mutual respect for each other’s work and way of thinking about music.

We each perform and create music separately of the band; I write some notated music, while Gahlord is much more active in the free improv scene. While we improvise in our performances, there are different levels of preparation and planning that happen which create certain parameters for performance. Our practice alone may generate material that we want to use in the band, but that material must ultimately be flexible when we perform.

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