Episode 8 of Bleep Boop Beep featured composer Garrett Schumann and percussionist Chris Sies.

One of the pieces featured, “Djendemic,” was for percussion and contact microphones. A fair bit of encapsulated electronics were used to realize the piece.

Garrett shares a great story about how they realized they their shared love of metal. This turns out to be an important aspect of their musical collaborations because their shared esthetic increases what they can make together. The result is more pieces for Chris to perform and performances that are aware of what Garrett is after, in terms of a sound world.

Chris talks about the nature of their collaboration in creating “Djendemic.” The way they assemble the music has an awareness of and is influenced by their collaboration and performing environment.

Here’s the full interview:

You can learn more about Garrett at www.garrettschumann.com and Chris at www.chrissiesmusic.com. Garrett also the artistic director of ÆPEX Contemporary Performance: aepexcontemporary.org

...and electronics