I had a great conversation with flautist Meerenai Shim recently. I finally packaged it up into the Bleep Boop Beep broadcast on WRUV 90.1 this Saturday.

We talked about how the variety of instruments, electronics, and percussion influences how her group A/B Duoprograms works for performance.

Meerenai also describes a project she was playing on to assist a songwriter in the creation of an album. At the album release party she discovered she wanted to play music for flute and Gameboy.

While acknowledging that young players today consider electronics a normal part of making music, she gives some great advice for getting started with playing “and electronics” music.

She gives someadvice for composers making music for instrument and electronics. In the full interview below she goes into detail on this point, so composers: definitely check that part out.

Among my favorite parts of the interview are when Meerenai talks about her desire to do more improvisatory music making. She mentions how this doesn’t necessarily fit in the contemporary classical music scene exactly, and when pressed on the difference, she generously shares her perspective on making music with her chiptune band vs in the contemporary classical arena.

Also, she talks about the label she founded, Aerocade and the kinds of projects she’s looking for with it.

And we’ve only just scratched the surface. Here’s the full thing:

...and electronics