Gahlord Dewald

Last night, despite a few feet of snow and more falling, a crowd of people filled Waterbury Vermont’s Zenbarn to hear sounds they’d never heard before.

Upstairs, while the crowd gathered taking seats in rows and at restaurant tables, the musicians of TURNmusic, Jaguar Stereo!, and guest artist Daniel Bernard Roumain shared a meal and talked about the balancing of creative, family, and civic lives.

When they took the stage there was the excitement of the snowstorm day, the energy of the audience amplified by the presence of children who were contributors to the classrooms of some of the performers. 

Winds, brass, Jane Boxall’s Mallet Cat, drum kit, DBR’s pedal-effected many-stringed violin, some thunderous bass moved through the air. At the end of the night, the poetry of Toussaint St. Negritude and his bass clarinet with my own lion-headed bass rumbled into the night.

Thank you Zenbarn, intrepid snow-wheeled listeners, TURNmusic, Mary Rowell’s dog Sadie, and VT State Plow Crew for a wonderful evening. We do it all again tonight at FlynnSpace in Burlington Vermont (hopefully without the snowstorm).

TURNmusic performing at Zenbarn
TURNmusic performing at Zenbarn

Feb 7, 2020 | 8:00 pm | date_range

179 Guptil Road
Waterbury, VT