Experimental Double Bass: 100.002

One of the composers I’ve commissioned to write a new work for double bass had some questions about left hand pizzicato and bowing at the same time. So I figured it would make for a good entry into the Experimental Double Bass project.

You can also listen or download via bandcamp, or iTunes, or anywhere else that music is sold. Eventually I might get around to uploading them to Soundcloud as well (it’s just a real pain the ass to do that one so I’m procrastinating on it).


As noted above, I am exploring LH pizz methods along with bowing in this entry.

Extended techniques I used:

  • Left hand pizzicato (the forefinger holds a pitch while the third & fourth finger plucks the string)
  • Left hand tapping (the finger strikes the fingerboard loud enough to sound the pitch, you’ll also hear the “remainder” of the string–between the finger and the nut–sound)
  • Pull offs (pulling with a finger that is already down, causing the next finger down or the nut to sound).

In addition, I was seeing how it is to bow with the right hand along with these different kinds of left hand pizz. Some pieces already in repertoire (Motivi, for example) do this to some small degree, but none really make a primary issue of it. I have a feeling that’s going to change though, having seen an initial sketch from my composer friend!

Technical Notes

Microphone positioning and gear etc were the same as 100.001.

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