Experimental Double Bass: 100.004

Today I was working with sympathetic resonance. I like the reverb-like effect it produces. Another day another entry in Experimental Bass.

You can also listen or download via bandcamp, or iTunes, or anywhere else that music is sold. Eventually I might get around to uploading them to Soundcloud as well (it’s just a real pain the ass to do that one so I’m procrastinating on it).


Nothing too fancy here, just playing with the way a string will resonate in sympathy with a pitch played on another string.

Technical notes:

The same up-close AKG c414B-ULS, just off the bridge. Close enough, in fact, that when messing around it was tricky to keep from bumping it. There are parts in this recording, where the notes are being sawn away, that the mic overloads, adding a bit of roughness to the already pretty rough texture. Minimal processing–some tape compression and a little EQ and variable-mu compression were used as well. Nothing insane, just normal engineeringy things.

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