Experimental Double Bass: 100.005

Working a little with “the box” today, also some different ways to attack the string and some of that resonant feel leftover from yesterday’s entry in the Experimental Double Bass project.

You can also listen or download via bandcamp, or iTunes, or anywhere else that music is sold. Eventually I might get around to uploading them to Soundcloud as well (it’s just a real pain the ass to do that one so I’m procrastinating on it).


  • Maintaining a collection of just four notes, create a rhythmic sense that’s interesting enough.
  • Research different expressions of note attack
  • Research different attack/resonance balances


Since 100.004 was definitely overloading the mic, I moved the mic back about 3 feet or so. It’s still just off the treble side of the bridge and pointed towards the resonant part of the bass beneath where we bow. I gave it a little more juice in the DAW but left the preamp (Electro-Dyne 501) settings the same as previous recordings.

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