Experimental Double Bass: 100.007

For the next few days my experiments for double bass are based on stealing ideas from The Rhythm Method Quartet’s performance of Leah Asher’s “Leda.” It’s an amazing graphical score string quartet piece. The audio and video of their performance is excellent and you will enjoy watching it so go do that.

In today’s upright bass experiment I focused on sounds and ideas in the first minute and a half of their performance. Transferring ideas and sounds from one string instrument to another felt good. There’s enough similarity of materials–hair, wood, vibrating string, resonant body–but enough differences to make the research interesting.

Also, inspired by the group’s performance, I found myself exploring more compositional structure in my experiments.

You can also listen or download via bandcamp, or iTunes, or anywhere else that music is sold. Eventually I might get around to uploading them to Soundcloud as well (it’s just a real pain the ass to do that one so I’m procrastinating on it).

Double Bass Experiments

  • Copying ideas from another instrument.
  • Some flautando/up over the fingerboard

Things I discovered included how much fun it was to see how I might make the sounds of the violins and viola since they operate at a different angle, also that my action–being very high the way I like it–makes flautando a little trickier and I may need to take this into account when I lower it this winter.

Technical note

Same as 100.005: Good ol’ c414B-ULS (mmmm transistors) out a few feet and on the treble side of the instrument, minimal processing.

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