Performances, instrument adjustments, summer.

This stretch of time has seen me finish up memorization of Emil Tabakov’s “Motivi” for Double Bass. Now I just clean and clean and clean trying to get it just right.

I had Robbie Macintosh put a new fingerboard on my bass. The old one wasn’t the original anyway and worse was a few semi-tones shy. Which meant faking notes like some of the high sawing in “Motivi.” Now I got the wood to back it up. I also got a new bridge and nut slotted for Pirastro Eudoxas which sound so perfect to me on this bass. Terrifyingly expensive strings, but that’s bass life. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep them running for awhile. The sound is an addiction.

It’s been summer in Vermont. My studio is not air conditioned. It’s big and spacious and each year I think maybe I’ll tough it out and then there’s like two weeks solid of 80º outside (110º inside) and I think “What was I thinking!?” Anyway, I did that again this year of course. But other than that summer in VT tends to be awesome and quiet. The students are gone from Burlington for a few months, tourists wander in and out, the lake is pretty. It’s like you imagine it is. But really hot in the studio.

I had a visit from my former teacher Dr. Mark Morton. It was great to see him as it had been several years. I’m helping him with a digital bass reference. I’m sure I’ll post more about that in the future.

In performances: the le duo played a local show at The Monkey House and also headlined a festival in Western Mass, Made by Robots did a show at The Monkey as well, and my frequent collaborator Adam Ploof and I did a show at Half Lounge under our duo moniker Earthquake Voyage–an all synthetic improvisation duo. Now I’m gearing up for the North Country Electronic Music Festival in a few days where I’ll do a solo set and premiere some of my Source pieces for double bass and modular electronics as well as doing a duo set with Greg Davis–both of us on modular.

There’s also a new chamber duo I’m dying with excitement to share with you but want to have more to show first. I’m really excited about it and I’ll share more about it soon.

In going to shows: not enough of this, but I did get out to see a great recital of singing in an echo-laden venue and also some improvisatory cello over at the Light Club. One of my commitments for the next few months is to get out to more shows.