I’m about half a page away from having Emil Tabakov’s “Motivi” memorized. One of my favorite passages is right near the end. I might make a short video of it this coming week.

Also, I’m feeling better and better about “Source:(InsertTitle)” and there’s a good chance I’ll get a recording in this week. I’m hopeful anyway. If not, then in a few weeks time. I’ve got my “InsertTitle” part just about how I want it. I’m using a Largo from Marcello’s cello sonatas though the way I’m playing it will probably irritate Baroque purists. I’m ok with that though. And who knows, maybe it won’t be irritating!

This week I saw a couple great concerts. One was Juliana Barwick.

The show was hosted by my friend Ken at Soundtoys’ temporary space. Her voice, combined with a spectacular light demo by another friend, light artist Craig Winslow, was spectacular. Add in that many of my local friends were there and it was just a magical night.

The sound of her voice just looped along, in an almost folksong way, accompanied by very simple keyboards. Most of the audience was pretty enchanted, me among them.

I’ve been thinking about loops and looping lately. Partly as an outgrowth of my interest in combining instruments and electronics. But also how it influences music structure, improvisation, and chance from failed loop-points/technology.

It was useful, in the midst of all the cerebral considerations of how to integrate this sort of thing into performance, to hear someone get up and just nail a full set that made use of this technology without calling attention to the technology itself.

I also had the chance to see Jake Meginsky at a concert series curated by Greg Davis.

The show had two parts. The first part Meginsky played with mallets on a steel bar balanced on a floor tom. It was a continuous roll for about 20 minutes. The bar resonated at different frequencies and at some point electronic sine waves were introduced. It was one of those “lots of interesting small things happening in the hidden corners of this music.”

The second part was electronics through a classic MPC sampler and more recent sampler. Again, sine waves were being used. This time the differences in pitch were being used to set up rhythmic patterns. It’s a cool concept and one I experimented with myself the next day on my radio show.

The Q&A session afterwards was one of the rare instances in which I genuinely enjoyed all of it. Meginsky was especially candid and detailed about his influences and approaches. In addition, it turns out one of his early experiences with new music was with a former teacher of mine, Sal Macchia! Small world indeed.

This week I’m wrapping stuff up and heading out west. As I mentioned last week, my father is sick and I’m heading out there to be with him. I probably won’t get a ton of time to practice but I will bring my bow and try to track down an instrument. I’ll definitely bring some sheet music and work out fingerings. Maybe even work on some memorization.

Till next week!