Where did the time go. January just slipped past. I caught some good shows, heaved hard on work, did a number of improvements to my studio situation (more coming on that front), received some new commissions and got them on the practice stand, had to give up on the guts because the dry air in my studio was killing them, and started a new trio.

I Caught a few great shows: Lee Ranaldo at a church in Winooski, Greg Davis and Andrea Pensado at Burlington City Arts, Rocketsled at Higher Ground.

I only had a couple performances of my own in this time period: a late night improv/noise session with JB Ledoux’s group the leduo at the Radio Bean. I brought on of my modular effects boxes loaded up with a Tom Waits sample and plenty of echo noise. Mollie Coons, recently returned to BTV from Montreal, played baritone sax. Adrian Benoit brought the shreddy shred shred on his guitar. I think JB did some singing as well. It was good times.

I also did a short record dj set with Simon White as part of DJ Disco Phantom’s series where he brings town musicians to spin stuff they like. Which means the audience got to enjoy mashups of things like Harry Partch’s “Barstow” with noise guitar. Again, good times.

One important aspect of my practice is having control and access to recording tools. As an experimental musician, being able to document sound and participate in mediated culture directly–without having to go through intermediaries and gatekeepers–is critical. That, and I’m a super nerd.

I made some significant gear upgrades and workflow simplifications that should result in much more recorded output in 2017. I’m looking forward to sharing the results here.

Which brings me to collaborations. My frequent musical collaborator Adam Ploof and I made some headway on our “Down Cellar” education project. We’ve got three sets of creative music making videos in the can and ready for edit. What I


like about this project is that it helps bridge the gap between the technical “here’s how to play a scale” types of videos and “what the hell do I do with a scale?” to get people making their own music. I’ll post here, of course, when something’s ready.

Also, a new collaboration with Greg Davis and JB Ledoux called Threes will launch in the coming month. Since November of last year we’ve been getting together regularly, working on the details, and recording. There’s going to be a significant recording component to this collaboration. It’s all sort of mystery secret at the moment but I’m very psyched about it.

There are some other collaborative things going on as well but you’ll just have to wait to hear about them.