Continued pounding on the third page of Motivi. This page should go down easier as it is

mostly restating fragments of material from the previous pages. Working to get a few zippy glissandos to mimic a Bulgarian vocal style, while challenging for me, is very fun.

I’m incorporating some feedback into my still-in-progress “Source:(InsertTitle)” piece. This one is getting close as well.

Which brings me to general scheming for the week. I’m planning to do a small series of salon-style performances over the summer to coordinate with a food truck rally that happens near my studio. Low-key, scene-mixing, two works and hanging out. I think it’ll be fun for everyone. More on that as it develops.

Finished the week off by catching one of my favorite bassists, Matt Kline, do a show in NYC at Scholes Street Studio. He ran a series of pieces without stopping, only audio/video interstitials between the pieces. I’d seen another performance in this style from one of his peers at UCSD this summer. I think it’s effective and interesting. It keeps the evening flowing and removes any awkwardness that audiences might have on the whole “is the right place to clap or am I doing it wrong?”

On a less fun note, I got some troubling news about my father’s health this week and I expect that this is going to take up some time over the next few months. But he’s in good spirits and I look forward to helping because, hey, he’s my dad.

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