ISO-8601 Week 13

Continued pounding on the third page of Motivi. This page should go down easier as it is

mostly restating fragments of material from the previous pages. Working to get a few zippy glissandos to mimic a Bulgarian vocal style, while challenging for me, is very fun.

I’m incorporating some feedback into my still-in-progress “Source:(InsertTitle)” piece. This one is getting close as well.

Which brings me to general scheming for the week. I’m planning to do a small series of salon-style performances over the summer to coordinate with a food truck rally that happens near my studio. Low-key, scene-mixing, two works and hanging out. I think it’ll be fun for everyone. More on that as it develops.

Finished the week off by catching one of my favorite bassists, Matt Kline, do a show in NYC at Scholes Street Studio. He ran a series of pieces without stopping, only audio/video interstitials between the pieces. I’d seen another performance in this style from one of his peers at UCSD this summer. I think it’s effective and interesting. It keeps the evening flowing and removes any awkwardness that audiences might have on the whole “is the right place to clap or am I doing it wrong?”

On a less fun note, I got some troubling news about my father’s health this week and I expect that this is going to take up some time over the next few months. But he’s in good spirits and I look forward to helping because, hey, he’s my dad.

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