In the course of making things, I think about things. It's part of who I am and how I think. Here are my notes.

Free improvisation on double bass

The double bass is a fantastic instrument for free improvisation. The depth of the fundamental pitch extends down below most other instruments and, with some practice, our available pitches via harmonics and false harmonics extends up above many others. In addition, there are a vast array of textural gestures and percussive effects available. And all […]

The Bonnie Jones Grant

A few years ago I attended the New Music Gathering in Baltimore. One of the most powerful discussions for me was one moderated by composer Alex Gardner (who composed the excellent Mint Conditioner for us bassists) on how one goes about creating work and getting bills paid etc. The panel was excellent because everyone on […]

The dreaded lists

It seems every musician in experimental or classical-offshoot genres has, somewhere in their bio, a paragraph that is a seemingly endless list. Maybe it’s a list of pieces performed, or places played, or teachers, or ensembles (or worst of all: the gear sponsorships). Here’s mine. That way I can leave room in a bio for […]

ISO-8601 WN6-18 2017

First half of the year has been full. Let’s do the rundown in no particular order: Performance Lots of performance. Never feels that way when it’s happening but looking back over it, a bunch of fun work. A nice mix of electric bass, upright bass, free improvisation, notey music, lots of ensemble work. Solo PaBU: A […]

Wires and Improvisation

I was recently in NYC improvising with Anne Lanzilotti, for our collaborative project The Yes &. I’ll write more about this project later but for now the thing to know is this:  Anne improvises using a wide array of the extended techniques for viola that she uses to such musical effect while I take the […]

ISO-8601 WN1-5 2017

Where did the time go. January just slipped past. I caught some good shows, heaved hard on work, did a number of improvements to my studio situation (more coming on that front), received some new commissions and got them on the practice stand, had to give up on the guts because the dry air in […]

North Country Electronic Music Festival

This past weekend I played in the North Country Electronic Music Festival, produced by TurnMusic with Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, David Gunn, Anne Decker and David Morneau. It was held at ArtsRiot, just a stones throw from my studio. It was a great afternoon of all kinds of different electronic sets ranging from the “explorations of rurality” […]

ISO-8061 WN22-35

Performances, instrument adjustments, summer.

ISO-8601 WN15-21

Many things–performances, learnings, plannings, recordings–in the past few weeks.

ISO-8601 Week 14

I’m about half a page away from having Emil Tabakov’s “Motivi” memorized.

ISO-8601 Week 13

Continued pounding on the third page of Motivi. This page should go down easier as it is

ISO-8601 Week 12

Moved several important things ahead this week. Started moving into page 3 of Emil Tabakov’s “Motivi.”

Some thoughts on hosting Bleep Boop Beep for two months

I launched the radio program Bleep Boop Beep two months ago. Here’s what I’m learning.

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