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The dreaded lists
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It seems every musician in experimental or classical-offshoot genres has, somewhere in their bio, a paragraph that is a seemingly endless list. Maybe it’s a list of pieces performed, or places played, or teachers, or ensembles (or worst of all: the gear sponsorships).

Here’s mine. That way I can leave room in a bio for more narrative artistic stuff.

Some musicians with whom I’ve performed:

  • Peter Serkin
  • Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti
  • Raphé Malik
  • Sandy Ewen
  • Greg Davis
  • Bonnie Kane
  • Barre Phillips
  • Meerenai Shim, A/B Duo
  • Ilyas Ahmed
  • Eve Beglarian

Some places I’ve played:

  • The Tank Center for Sonic Arts
  • Chester Fritz Auditorium
  • Marlboro College
  • Some random bar in New Orleans
  • Carnegie Hall
  • Gateway City Arts in Holyoke Mass.
  • Chapelle Sainte Philomène
  • Green Mountain Club, Vermont
  • North Country Electronic Music Festival
  • Green Mountain Mahler Festival

Some bands and ensembles with whom I’ve performed:

  • The Yes &
  • the le duo
  • Threes
  • Made by Robots
  • TURNmusic
  • Charles, Dead or Alive?

Some people with whom I have studied:

  • Dr. Mark Morton (double bass)
  • Salvatore Macchia (double bass)
  • Petya Bagovska (double bass)
  • Barre Phillips (double bass, improvisation)
  • Bill Law (electric bass)
  • Steve Lawson (electric bass)
  • Stan Charkey (music generally)
  • Hal Galper (rhythm)

Some composers from whom I have commissioned new works for solo double bass:

  • Alexandra Gardner
  • Jessica Rudman
  • Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti
  • Stephanie Hayes
  • Ross Crean
  • Chrysanthe Tan
  • Evan Williams
  • Cassandra Venaglia
  • Shelley Washington

Parting thoughts re: lists

Lists like this don’t really give a full perspective of who I am or what I do as a music maker. For those who know the people and places on the lists there might some “aha” moments (oh that’s why he hates metronomes!) but mostly the lists reduce lived experience to some checklist things. But still, maybe useful checklists. Who knows. I’ll add more to these lists over time, let me know what kind of list you’d want to see.

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