In the course of making things, I think about things. It’s part of who I am and how I think. Here are my notes.

  • ISO-8061 WN22-35

    Performances, instrument adjustments, summer.

  • ISO-8601 WN15-21

    Many things–performances, learnings, plannings, recordings–in the past few weeks.

  • Graphic scores

    Everyone handles graphic scores differently. It’s what makes them fun. Here’s an example of how I do it: 

  • A studio trick

    I recently learned a trick to create analog reverb/echo that doesn’t use a digital plugin.

  • ISO-8601 Week 14

    I’m about half a page away from having Emil Tabakov’s “Motivi” memorized.

  • Bleep Boop Beep on hiatus

    Bleep Boop Beep is going on a little hiatus. As I’ve mentioned in my weekly updates my father is sick so I’m heading out to spend some time with him. This means I won’t be at the station on Saturdays when the show is broadcast. I’ll probably use the downtime to make fancy pages for […]