Listen to Creative and Experimental Music

Say you’ve got about a half hour and want to explore the music I make? Here’s the guided tour.

This is a recording of some free improvisation I did at Bonnie Kane‘s Thursday Experiment in Holyoke, MA. If you enjoy it, you can hear the other things I did at that show, including one of my modular + double bass pieces, at Bandcamp.


Next up, a couple pieces from my Experimental Double Bass series.

In this piece I’m working with the physicality of sound, using the double bass as a resonator for other sounds along with a compressor to highlight overtones and other very very small sounds.


In the piece above I am improvising with “white noise” and “breathing” sounds for a composition that Jen Wang wrote for me.


Performing with other musicians is an important part of my creative practice. In The Yes &, my improvisation duo with Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti, I use Anne’s viola as a live sound source for modular synthesis.


This is a work for tape, laptop, and modular synth. I’ve written more about it here.

Bonus Round

If you’ve listened to all of the works above, then we only have 5 minutes left in our half hour. Here is a grab bag of tracks, some of them are quite long (so long that they wouldn’t have fit in our half hour anyway) so feel free to skip around. Thanks for listening!

I have a series of textural modular synthesizer works called New Function. The idea in this music is that it is “functional” music, to be used while running or doing homework or repetitive tasks etc. As such it doesn’t “develop” in the same way other more narrative works might. This particular track is also available in video form so you can see me making it.

In this piece I use a fretless electric bass to control a modular synthesizer (using some fancy modules that transform the bass sound into control voltage–the kind of signal that drives a synth). It’s part of a collection of experiments with electric bass and electronics.

This is part of a series of text works I have utilizing audio of strategist John Boyd.

This music is made using the collaborative composition approach of J.B. Ledoux. Here is an album review for it.

If you like noise, here’s my noise jazz trio Threes featuring myself on double bass, Greg Davis on guitar, and J.B. Ledoux on drums. There’s video of this trio as well.

If you got this far, I encourage you to be on the Community of Sound list to hear about new sounds from me and others every once in awhile. Keep showing up for sound together.

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