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I decided it was time to finally put together a website for my projects in music. While my Bonnie Jones Grant often involves considerations of web tech I’ve managed to avoid it all for quite some time.

In the interest of putting intent out into the world, this site will function as a place to hold recordings or other media and also some occasional thoughts about playing and performing.

My focus in music is primarily contemporary art music. Sometimes this is called “New Music” or “Indie Classical” or “That Goddamned Racket.” If you know what it is, then all these names work.

If you don’t know what it is, then you just sort of find out I guess. It’s a music that doesn’t have many of the usual hallmarks of classical music though it employs instruments and techniques found in orchestras (in my case, the double bass).

Sometimes the sounds are beautiful and strange. Sometimes the sounds chaotic and rough. The organization of sound itself is sometimes the object as much as anything to do with melody, harmony, or rhythm.

I tend to be interested in the more chaotic side of this music. But I’m also a sucker for some melody.

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