I’ve been very fortunate to collaborate with an extremely dedicated champion of contemporary classical music, Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti, in our viola + modular electronics duo, The Yes &.

Here is a mindmap I made of her interview last year on the Music Publishing Podcast. In the year or so since she was interviewed Lanzilotti has taken a tenure-track position teaching viola, founded a new music ensemble at her school, toured China with Alarm Will Sound, started a record label, premiered her own works and new transcriptions of other composers’ works, is well along on completing her 20/19 Project commissioning three sonatas from some of the leading composers of our time, published all kinds of interesting things, and was recently referred to in the New York Times as “a leading composer-performer.

In short, the info in this podcast and mindmap below are from someone who is out there doing these things and making a difference.

Anne Lanzilotti, interviewed on Music Publishing Podcast
Click to get access to the ol’ zoom tool or download so you can read it. I put some of the things that resonated with me in red.

Follow along and listen to this podcast:

I’m very excited to be premiering a piece I commissioned from her, “with their I you your fuse.” It is for solo double bass.

Note on mindmaps:

If you’re new to mindmaps, the idea is to draw lines and boxes and connect things in whatever way matches your own mind. So these are sort of like my notes on hearing the interview. If you did your own mindmap you would perhaps make something completely different based on what you heard and your own interests.

A way to “read” a mindmap is to just look at it and follow the lines and connecting thoughts. Consider the ways things are connected (or not connected), move through the map however you feel–organized or just stopping in at certain places. It takes time, it isn’t an infographic designed to pre-chew something complex for you.

anne Lanzilotti mindmap podcast