Some examples of the music I make with bass instruments.

Listen to Creative and Experimental Music

Say you’ve got about a half hour and want to explore the music I make? Here’s the guided tour. Holyoke by Gahlord Dewald This is a recording of some free improvisation I did at Bonnie Kane‘s Thursday Experiment in Holyoke, MA. If you enjoy it, you can hear the other things I did at that […]

Lucier Variations

In this work I play with a technique of sound repetition that composer Alvin Lucier introduced in his “I am sitting in a room.” Additionally, ¬†I mix ambience that I carry along in the electronics with a text that is relevant to the place of performance. In this way the place where I am performing […]

100 Days of Experimental Double Bass

This is a project to see if I can create, record, and distribute 100 works of experimental music for upright bass.


Sounds created from electric bass guitar, some with frets, some without frets. Some with encapsulated electronics, some with modular electronics.   Often the experimental nature of these works are hidden in technological challenges or concepts more than harmonic or melodic considerations. Electric. by Gahlord Dewald

New Function

New Function: synthetic textures to accompany contemporary tasks.

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