Sound, Community, & Culture

Focus your experience of place, of where you are now, and of existing at this moment in this body among other bodies. All of us make music together in this way.

Here are three ways to get together:

  1. Sound, Community, & Culture mailing list thoughts on experimental music, sound in the world, what we learn together by experiencing sound.

  2. You can always send me an email.
  3. You can hear my sounds and music whenever you like on Bandcamp.
  4. I broadcast weekly on Blast Radio, if you like words with your music.
Gahlord Dewald performing at New Music Gathering
Gahlord Dewald performing at New Music Gathering

In addition, I can be found online: Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

I hope you find people wherever you are who are experimenting and creating new sounds and experiences. Wherever you are, they exist. Find them.

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