The le duo

10th Birthday for the le duo

Sevendays has a nice writeup on the le duo’s 10th Birthday bash. “ Through improvisation and absurdity, the le duo endeavors to break down the barrier between performer and audience by destroying expectations of what is art/music, and allowing for the re-imagining of the spiritual/artistic connection. — JB Ledoux

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ISO-8601 WN6-18 2017

First half of the year has been full. Let’s do the rundown in no particular order: Performance Lots of performance. Never feels that way when it’s happening but looking back over it, a bunch of fun work. A nice mix of electric bass, upright bass, free improvisation, notey music, lots of ensemble work. Solo PaBU: A […]

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Waking Windows: the le duo

My friend Jay has been making a bunch of videos of interesting music in Burlington. This video of the le duo performing among the beer vats of Four Quarters Brewing at Waking Windows 2017 is one of them. Thanks much to Quiltro for back lining this gig so I didn’t have to haul a bass […]

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SevenDaysVT reviews the le duo's Boogaloo for Improvisors

Dan Bolles, music critic for Vermont-based Sevendays reviews Boogaloo for Improvisors by the le duo: provides a solid fix for experimental music fans and may serve as a gateway for new listeners  

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