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The Yes & in The Creative Issue

My duo partner for The Yes &, Anne Lanzilotti, was interviewed by Creative Issue about our work: It’s inspiring to have a great collaborator! Our process is fuelled by listening to each other and problem-solving in real time. Since Gahlord [Dewald, the second member of the duo] and I live in different cities, much of […]

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ISO-8601 WN6-18 2017

First half of the year has been full. Let’s do the rundown in no particular order: Performance Lots of performance. Never feels that way when it’s happening but looking back over it, a bunch of fun work. A nice mix of electric bass, upright bass, free improvisation, notey music, lots of ensemble work. Solo PaBU: A […]

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Wires and Improvisation

I was recently in NYC improvising with Anne Lanzilotti, for our collaborative project The Yes &. I’ll write more about this project later but for now the thing to know is this:  Anne improvises using a wide array of the extended techniques for viola that she uses to such musical effect while I take the […]

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