Moved several important things ahead this week.

Started moving into page 3 of Emil Tabakov’s “Motivi.”

I’ll write more about this piece in the future, perhaps with some recorded segments. It’s a fun piece to play and I’m psyched to be on the last page of it so I can start working it up to speed.

Finished up some paperwork for a piece I’m commissioning. I have a few commissions in the works right now and I’m really excited to share more about them in the future.

Moving into the home stretch on a study for instrument and electronics piece I’m making called “Source:(InsertTitle).” It started as a demo/test for integrating my double bass with modular electronics. But I think it’s fun enough for me to write up the general/specific instructions and make it available if others want to mess with it. I made a recording of it today.

Making recordings is useful for me. Though it takes a lot of time. And “red light fever” can be no fun. It’s helpful for me to hear back whether I’m giving enough to notes (or not, or giving too much etc). When I’m playing it’s hard for me to tell exactly if it’s working or not; inside my head it’s just the notes I want to be playing echoing very very loudly. A recording tells me if it was enough.

solo bass