• Added recordings

    Nothing giant in the meta-meta today. But I added a “recordings” section to the sidebar nav. I have a few others I’ll get in there sometime in the future. Meanwhile, carry on.

  • North Country Electronic Music Festival

    This past weekend I played in the North Country Electronic Music Festival, produced by TurnMusic with Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, David Gunn, Anne Decker and David Morneau. It was held at ArtsRiot, just a stones throw from my studio. It was a great afternoon of all kinds of different electronic sets ranging from the “explorations of rurality” […]

  • Solo Bass

    Performing new and recent pieces for the bass, often alone or with electronics.

  • 100 Days of Experimental Double Bass

    This is a project to see if I can create, record, and distribute 100 works of experimental music for upright bass.

  • Experimental Music Since 1970, Jennie Gottschalk

    I recently received a copy of Jennie Gottschalk‘s book Experimental Music Since 1970. It would be difficult for me to overstate how much I am enjoying it so far. Sure there are occasional passages I don’t quite get but that’s probably more on me than her. I’m into this book. If you’re into experimental music you […]

  • ISO-8061 WN22-35

    Performances, instrument adjustments, summer.