Experimental Music

Albums, videos, and examples of experimental music for electronics, bass, and noise.

Gahlord Dewald’s creative work operates along several axis: improvised to composed, acoustic to electronic, beat structure to chaos. The most current releases include Ashuelot, Strategic Game, and Coherent Light Enclosed Without.

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Album Covers of experimental Music by Gahlord Dewald
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Collaborations, Mixtapes, Bands

Ariel Zevon's Well Water Will Rise is an experimental songwriting album which includes free improvisation by Gahlord Dewald (double bass & electric bass).

Volume 0 by Threes is an album of noise jazz by Gahlord Dewald (double bass), JB Ledoux (drums), and Greg Davis (guitar)

BEATS is LIFE (Collab Project) is a beat tape released by Sonic Planet Recordings

It Sounds Like Vermont is a sampler tape of noise music from Vermont by Histamine Tapes and includes a track by Gahlord Dewald.

Crosstalk is an experimental dance music album by Fat Tiger (Eric Segalstad and Gahlord Dewald)