Covid-19 Pandemic Standards

These are my personal boundaries as a performer in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Gahlord Dewald :: 8/25/22 :: Burlington, Vermont

Performance Safety for Everyone

As I write this the case and per-capita test positives are in decline following the Omicron b4/b5 variants. Most places are behaving as if the pandemic no longer exists. A shift from collective effort to keep everyone healthy to a focus on "personal responsibility" has taken place.

Music and art are very important. These past couple years have demonstrated this repeatedly. But my health needs to come first.

The standards and quality of community care in handling the pandemic appear to be quite variable from place to place. Some places require masks, some do not. Some require masks but then also serve food and drink which of course makes either mask or food moot.

With all of this in mind I’m establishing what my personal standardsPlease note that I mean it when I say these are personal standards; I don't expect anyone else to agree with them unless they want me to perform for them. No shade to others who have different standards. are for live performance. I may revise this page as new variants emerge or circumstances change. But given the lack of uniformity in commitments to keep everyone safe I think it’s worthwhile being upfront and clear about it.

I’m setting my guidelines based on data as reported in the New York Times"Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count" New York Times as they consistently report data for each county consistently.

I will almost certainly be masked during all performances with an N95 or better mask. If I receive any hassle from venue workers or patrons I will exit the show.

Practical outcomes from adopting these standards

There are few things that are obvious here: I probably won’t be playing a ton of shows. I won’t be performing at any bars or restaurants while the coronavirus is spreading.

Updates and Improvements

I will be updating these standards. For example I will probably introduce some per capita math but haven’t quite determined the best way to do that yet. I do welcome respectful conversation about all of this.