Across the Transom: July 2023

Ditherpunk, formant synthesis, decolonizing design

Gahlord Dewald :: 7/31/23 :: Honolulu


What these random, sometimes banal, and often oddly beautiful images trigger is thought, narrative. They’re a starting point, not a culmination.

Colleen Kelsey’s “Luxury stock images: In search of lost novelty,” Dirt


And what does it mean in personal and political terms when even the two Black women who did present here were literally found at the last hour?

Audre Lorde in "The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House"


What I dig about this synth bass video by Anthony Marinelli is how much of it is truly focused on musical expression and how to achieve it.


Quantization is the process of mapping a large set of values to a smaller, usually finite, set of values.

Surma's "Ditherpunk — The article I wish I had about monochrome image dithering"


Michelle Barker's video on what's good in CSS these days.


The Lifer game is an uphill battle in the big cities, where nightlife can be both the main source of income for many, while also being the major contributing factor to the rising costs of living. It’s for this reason that I assume that some of the most successful lifers I’ve encountered have made the bulk of their careers outside of the big cities. Those that have sought a smaller, tight-knit community over a larger scene, a sort of preferred intimacy over a massive reach, are bound to find it wherever they end up. The lifer game is a social one first and foremost. It’s one of survival, but also one that requires a greater community to prosper. So as long as we put ourselves out there as a resource and provide a means of putting each other on bills and a place to crash whenever a head rolls into town, DIY will never die, struggle it may be.

Max Alper's "Lifers, Dayjobbers, and the Independently Wealthy: A Letter to a Former Student," in Klang Magazine


Formant Synthesis article by Gordon Reid.


Basic Mechanisms of Fire Control in Computers. video


This reader is an attempt to gather materials to begin the process of puncturing and making design narratives inclusive. It is about reading, engaging and learning with others and from others.

Ramon Tejada's The decolonizing, [or puncturing, or de–Westernizing, and SHIFTING], Design Reader, 2021–23 edition


A map analogy for learning a fretboard.