Experimental Music Playlist: Rhythms

Pulse, Gesture, Time

Gahlord Dewald :: 5/18/22 :: Mānoa, Hawai‘i

MarkingGahlord Dewald gathering sound near HNL airport.Patterns of sky, water, and city lights. the passage of time in patterns, sometimes steady and sometimes in motion, in friction. Densities of events. Not always in the drums either. These gestures mark and mirror the patterns of living around us.

This edition of Experimental Music Playlist is focused on gestures in time, outside of time, and beyond time.

Experimental Music Playlist: Rhythm


I made this list so you could hear these sounds. It’s about 45 minutes long. You may enjoy setting aside time to look out the window or draw or do some light task while you listen. Whatever is comfortable for you. Some sounds will only be audible on nicer speakers than a laptop or phone.

  1. Vic Bang is the artist, composer and sound designer Victoria Barca from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her music is very playful.
  2. THE OT X-TET is a project by producer Malk. It presents a direction for jazz.
  3. Erin Rogers is a composer-performer, saxophonist, improvisor, and experimental musician.
  4. Sunken Cages is the moniker for Ravish Momin's solo electro-acoustic percussion project. You can learn more about his creative practice in the essay he wrote as part of the Ashuelot project.
  5. Nastya Vogan is a Ukrainian music producer and composer.
  6. Kilamanzego is a Philly electronic music experimentalist and beatmaker.
  7. Amir ElSaffar is a composer and leader of the Rivers of Sound 17-piece orchestra.
  8. Molly Joyce is a composer-performer centering disability as a creative source.

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