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Gahlord Dewald :: 12/04/23 :: Honolulu

Sound and the World comes out about once a month. It includes writing about place, community, and sound.

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10 entryways into a world of sound:

  1. Across the Transom November 2023: includes Mike Watt, Backups, Aztecs, Strategic Culture.
  2. Video Premiere: Video from the new Jessica Ackerley/Kevin Cheli/Gahlord Dewald release Submerging Silently premieres on Foxy Digitalis.
  3. Bandcamp: Much of my recorded music is available to buy and hear.
  4. Shows Update: Latest Shows.
  5. kaleookauila: A site-specific radiophonic experimental music series in Hawai‘i.
  6. Playlist Update—Field: Updated this field-recordings-centric playlist to include a link to a recent essay by one of the playlist's featured artists, Nyokabi Kariũki.
  7. Discography: A playlist and recent updates to the discography.
  8. Timbre of Starlight: a project exploring the musical structure of astrochemistry.
  9. Coherent Light Enclosed Without: a double bass improvisation album recorded in a unique sonic environment, vinyl
  10. Ashuelot: Electronics and Double Bass, the result of a residency at 32M Center for Creative Work

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