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Gahlord Dewald :: 3/6/24 :: Honolulu

Sound and the World comes out about once a month. It includes writing about place, community, and sound.

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10 entryways into a world of sound:

  1. Video: See my performance of Wa‘ahila Series #8 from Hawaii Public Radio's Classical Performance Series.
  2. Coherent Light Enclosed Without: Now available at Aloha Got Soul in Honolulu.
  3. Cinematography: I did the cinematography for Leilehua Lanzilotti's the sky in our hands, our hands in the sky video installation, which is a part of The Noguchi Museum's Toshiko Takaezu: Worlds Within exhibition, March 20, 2024-July 28, 2024.
  4. Across the Transom, March 2024: Avoiding the cloud.
  5. Interviewed: Sharene Keliʻipunilei Lum Taba and I talk in conjunction with my solo performance on the Hawai‘i Public Radio Classical Music Series
  6. The 20 Best Experimental Albums of 2023, Popmatters: Submerging Silently made position 10 on this year end list.
  7. Bandcamp: Much of my recorded music is available to buy and hear.
  8. kaleookauila: A site-specific radiophonic experimental music series in Hawai‘i.
  9. Discography: A playlist and recent updates to the discography.
  10. Timbre of Starlight: a project exploring the musical structure of astrochemistry.

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