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Gahlord Dewald :: 5/21/23 :: New York City

If you're into my music and/or the things I think about, here are 10 things that can get you more of that. If you do RSS then this is available as a feed that's updated every now and then.

  1. Across the Transom: May 2023 is now closed. Features: Matrix Mixers, Probabilistic Content, Lucinda Williams, Borges, and other thoughts and ephemera.
  2. Recent Release: Stellar Light Study #5 on the Re:Natura compilation Ratio
  3. Timbre of Starlight: a project exploring the musical structure of astrochemistry.
  4. New Sounds for Double Bass: a commissioning and performance project of music for double bass.
  5. Coherent Light Enclosed Without: an double bass improvisation album recorded in a unique sonic environment, vinyl
  6. Ashuelot: Electronics and Double Bass, the result of a residency at 32M Center for Creative Work
  7. Community of Practice: how I developed into an improvising musician
  8. ...and electronics: interviews with composers and practitioners of music that combines live performance and electronic elements.
  9. Technical Notes: bits and pieces of technical knowledge I've learned and discovered through my creative work.
  10. Email Newsletter: About once each month I let people know where I am and the things I'm working on. If you like my writing elsewhere you'll like it in your inbox too.